COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Updated 9/16/2020

The below applies to the COVID-19 preparedness plan for Millennium Dance Company located in Albertville, MN. Millennium Dance Company is dedicated to the safety and security of our children, families and faculty always, but especially during this uncertain time. Please see below for the following guidelines set forth by Millennium Dance Company and created with the assistance of fellow dance studios from around the country, as well as guidance from the CDC and Minnesota State Government.

1. All persons entering in the building must be fever free without aid for the past 72 hours.
2. All persons entering the building must be cough, sneezing and symptom free for the past 72 hours.
3. All persons having come in contact with a person having tested positive or presumptive for COVID-19 must remain out of the building for 2 weeks and/or until confirmed negative covid test/cleared by a doctor.
4. Any persons having tested positive for COVID 19 must remain out of the building for 2 weeks.
5. All persons with a family member at home showing symptoms of sickness including fever, cough, sneezing, must remain out of the until confirmed negative COVID test and/or confirmed ok by a doctor.
6. One adult per dancer is allowed in the space if needed (in general for those under the age of 6); siblings should be left at home.
7. All locker room spaces will be closed to prevent congregation in the building.
8. All drinking fountains and refrigerators will be closed to prevent the spread of germs.
9. All dancers and family members ages 5 and older are required to wear a mask on MDC property at all times when NOT actively taking dance class, per state mandate.
a. Masks are not required while dancing in the dance classroom.
b. Children ages 2-5 are strongly encouraged to wear a mask.
10. Masks are available for purchase at the front desk for $1.00.
11. All staff will wash hands upon entering the building, as well as in between each class.
12. Please maintain proper social distancing, at least 6 feet, from those around you while in the building.
13. A spacing table will be set in front of the front desk to assure a 6-foot social distancing radius during all transactions and communications.
14. Anyone entering the building will be required to wash hands upon entering.
15. No cash/check will be accepted at this time to help alleviate the spread of germs. Cards, as always, will continue to be accepted as form of payment, and we encourage families to use our online class and payment management system through our website.
16. All classes will have a break in between to allow time for the MDC staff to sanitize all common touch points, as well as to sanitize/steam mop the floors in between classes as well as at the end of each evening. This will also allow for social distancing from the ending of one class, to the start of another. Please do not congregate in the areas outside of the building either before or after dance class.
a. Dancers and parents should not enter the building more than 5 miuntes prior to the start of their   class, and should exit immediately after. If your child is old enough to attend class on their own, we     ask that you exit the building during their class time.
17. All dancers will be given hand sanitizer upon entrance and exit to their classroom. We encourage handwashing after dance as well.
18. All common touchpoints in the lobby and public areas of the building, including bathrooms and handles will be sanitized several times each evening, as well as at the end of the night.
19. Dancers will only be allowed to bring in a water bottle if they need it, as well as the shoes that they will need for that class. Please limit the layers that you bring into the dance studio.
20. Ballet barres and small props may and will be used in the classroom, and will be sanitized after each use.
21. Restrooms will be open, but we encourage all dancers to use the restroom at home before coming to dance to lessen the trips outside of the studio rooms.
22. All studios will operate under at 25-50% of full capacity until otherwise dictated by the state.
23. As weather allows, exterior studio doors will remain open to allow for greater airflow.
24. Any dancer not comfortable using the studio for dance class will also have access to taking class virtually through the zoom platform; please contact the studio to make arrangements.
25. Millennium Dance Company has secured a high level sterilant to be used in the space should any positive cases be confirmed from anyone that may have been in the studio. This will be used immediately upon notification of a positive or presumptive case in the spaces where the person in question was in the building.

All dancers participating in the 2020-21 school year should review the updated waiver through their parent portal. This waiver applies to any and all participants in any Millennium Dance Company camp, class, or activity.

We know that with any change, it will take time to adapt to new practices. The health and safety of our dancers, teachers, and community is our number one priority. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the studio at

Below is a guide to help you with screening symptoms, and when to come, and not attend, classes at the dance studio:

Screening Symptoms

These symptoms indicate a possible illness that may decrease your child’s ability to learn and put them at risk of spreading illness to others.

If your child is experiencing one of the following symptoms they should stay home:

–  NEW onset cough or worsening cough (for students with chronic/asthmatic cough, a change in their cough from baseline)
–  Difficulty breathing
–  Temperature of 100.10 F or higher
–  New loss of taste or smell

If your child is experiencing two of the following symptoms, they should stay home:

–  Chills
–  Sore throat
–  Body aches / muscle pain
–  Diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting
–  Excessive Fatigue
–  New onset of nasal congestion or runny nose
–  New onset of severe headache

If your child has been in close contact with someone who has had COVID-19 symptoms, they should stay home.